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What our clients have to say. Don't take our word for it. Take theirs!
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This was a very unique and relaxing experience. Elina was warm and welcoming, had a variety of beverages available along with a heater in the studio, soft white noise in the background, and an essential oil diffuser. Her massages were very calming and the yoga postures she instructed us through really helped our bodies to relax. My husband and I went together and we both felt very grounded and present at the end. Highly recommend!


Excellent massage for pain relief from an injury, + chronic facial/jaw tension. Have been able to remain on my feet all day with very little pain which is significant compared to my typical levels of pain from hip injury. 


Elina has a true passion for wellness and it shows! My session was way more than I could have imagined-she even personalized it to include me being able to try her yoga swing and me trying cupping for the first time. She was so genuine. I cannot write a review that does her enough justice! 


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Wonderful!!!! Very knowledgeable and in tune to a person's specific needs. Great before, during, and after my pregnancies. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. 

-Caz RN

Elina was patient and understanding, professional and knowledgeable. I was dealing with some very uncomfortable IT Band pain. She listened to me and provided some successful massage therapy. She also shared ways to further improve my pain through stretching, using a roller and following the advice of my primary doctor. Elina loves what she does! Her passion is obvious. I felt immediately comfortable with her and her massage studio. I will definitely let Elina work on me again! 


Elina has a very intuitive touch and really makes the client feel comfortable and relaxed. I highly recommend Oregon Trail Massage for anyone as she will tailor the session to a person's needs and wants