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Leg Injury


Focused treatment targets one or two body parts. Typically acute injuries or areas of increased soreness and tension from stress, physical activity, or work injuries. Good for mild to moderate discomfort that doesn't limit your performance and function. The typical duration for each visit can range from 30-90 minutes.

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Wellness services are considered routine maintenance and preventative care visits. Often received as a full body massage that provides multiple benefits for overall health. 

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Uniquely designed ceramic stones provide warmth to increase muscle tissue relaxation and smooth pressure directly over areas of tightness.

This is an additional service to your massage session

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Using a mechanical pump, a vacuum suction is created. The skin and muscle tissue to be treated is first identified by the massage therapist. Often described as a knot or adhesion, suction cups work to release tissue at a deep level and facilitate healing with blood flow. Common areas treated are shoulders and back.


A great pre-massage warm-up to help quiet the mind and relax the muscles. The outdoor infrared sauna is available for a 15-minute session. Temperatures can range from 100-120 degrees Fahrenheit. *Please bring a towel, bathrobe, and slippers/flip flops for use in the sauna. 

This is an additional service to your massage session


Upper Body and Lower Body Techniques

Learn how to identify different areas of discomfort on your body, and which self-care tool is best to treat. Participants will be shown how to position themselves and the self-care tool to best achieve pain relief and muscle tension release. Come learn the benefits of frequent and consistent foam rolling and how to make it more enjoyable. Other tools include Thera Cane®, yoga strap, PVC pipes and various massage balls.


Provided as a one on one session or small groups up to 5.

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Unique Supported Stretching

Stretching techniques that are typically done on the ground are taken to the table. Gain a greater range of motion with the full support of a massage table and use gravity to gently increase your stretch. 

Provided as a one on one session or small groups up to 4.

Leg Injury


Relax with a combination of supported yoga poses, hands on massage and mindfulness in a beautiful, quiet setting. Participants will be guided through a brief meditation focused on breathe and transition into supported postures using props such as bolsters, yoga blocks and blankets. While in these poses, massage techniques will be applied to all participants in each pose. Optimal relaxation, gentle supported stretching and therapeutic touch in one. Great way to end the week. 

Provided in groups of 3-5 for 1.5 hours.