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Elina Solaita


Owner & Founder

ORegon Trail Center for Wellbeing

Wake Up, PLEASE!

Our clients learn to embrace the mindset that their lifestyle choices are either supporting a healthy vibrant life or a slow painful death. If you "know" what you are supposed to do to be "healthy", but aren't doing it. Are you ready to wake up? 

As a Registered Nurse and Licensed Massage Therapist, I expect more from my patients than the status quo. I work from a place of empowerment, helping others make actual changes to put them on the path towards better health and wellness. 

My team and I provide services that focus on increasing your awareness of your mindset through a combination of lifestyle coaching, massage, and body awareness. In achieving this, you'll be able to make conscious, intentional decisions and live life fully. This process works, and as a result, we have happier, healthier patients. 

A nurse's loving and supportive plea for you to accept responsibility for your health and wellbeing.  

As a native ORegonian, I am proud to provide a gentle bridge between conventional Western medicine and alternative holistic practices to the PNW. With extensive professional and personal knowledge and experience with these treatment methods, my goal is to encourage and promote a balanced lifestyle by practicing what I preach.​  


I'm a registered nurse and licensed massage therapist, and I'm passionate about injury prevention. I've worked in acute care, inpatient hospital settings, emergency departments, and nurse case managers for worker's compensation. 

I'm grateful that you have decided to make your health and wellbeing an obligation. I'm driven by seeing others embrace a lifestyle that includes balance. ​

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Ready to start living fully? 

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